Things not to be revealed on Facebook

With over 750 million members it is the largest social media platform on the internet. Facebook uses true identities of people instead of chat names, therefore whatever information that is posted on the site will be revealed to million around the world.

It is true the site offers a privacy setting which only allows your approved friends to view the information on your site which leads you to believe that the information is safe. But there is no guarantee.There have been instances where people have been robbed, molested and abused all from information gained from Facebook. Here are some items you should never reveal on Facebookto safeguard your personal security.

Social security number- Your identity can be stolen and used to rob you or to incriminate you for fraudulent activities.

Home address – there are perverted people on the web and having your address means you are leaving room for you to be a target.

Travel plans – if you have already posted your home address, never reveal when you will be away from home, you are inviting burglars. Wait till you come back to share the information of your trip.

Photographs you do not want the world to see.

Does Your Business Need GPS Fleet Tracking Management?

So you have decided to invest in a gps tracking system for gps fleet tracking, but you yourself don’t have time to go through all of the data and interpret it, as well as all of your other responsibilities in your booming business.  So what do you do when gps tracking fleet management gets out of hand and you find yourself needing help?  Maybe it’s time to actually bite the bullet and hire someone else to crunch numbers for you?  So how do you go about finding someone who is willing to analyze printouts and spread sheets and report their findings to you in a timely manner?  Well, the first place to look is a temp agency, which can find certified people for you on a limited time frame that will get the job done for you while you are looking for a person to fill the job permanently.


So now that you have found the temporary person, use that person to help you create the criteria and functions of the job that you will use to find yourself a permanent person.  With that information you can begin to paint yourself a picture of what you are looking for in an employee.  Potential employers generally use a variety of online sites to advertise position, including Craigslist and, which allow people to respond directly back to the person that has placed the ad.

Nanny Cam: Spy Cameras For Home Use

Thinking about going out for a peaceful night with your significant other and need to hire a sitter?  Hiring a sitter can be a risky move, especially since you can never really trust someone with your precious children – or your precious electronics, including that 50” LCD plasma TV – but rest assured, there is something that you can do to protect your kids, and your stuff.  I know that we have all heard of spy cameras for home, but this is a serious matter, and a hidden camera is a serious solution.  If you are truly worried about your house and your children with a sitter, then a hidden camera wireless is the best idea to protect you assets, of the physical and human kind.

So you are leaving for a night on the town with your husband or wife, and you hired a sitter that came highly recommended from several neighbors, but who can really be sure?  You need to protect yourself, and how better to do that than a traditional nanny camera, to watch and ensure the safety of our loved ones, while also being able to enjoy yourself.  So now you can go out to the fancy restaurant and even to the movies afterwards, and you can watch the video footage on your smart phone from any location with an internet connection of 3G or higher.

Help Writing Java

There are so many computer languages used for different programs that it can be quite the task to learn them without technical training. JavaScript is a very popular language and even if you know it, sometime you want help writing java. There are many websites on the Internet that will not only teach java but can offer help writing java. Java script is a basic computer language that is quite possibly the best way to make any site come alive. Java is a program that works with the user rather than the server, which means it takes less time. Used to create drop down boxes, modify how a page is seen, and even react to a mouse click, java is not very hard to learn although it can be technical. If you need java help then you need not worry. You are not alone and there are many sites to help you. Many sites have tutorials and forums where you can search for the topic of your choice. Java help is out there and with tutorials, you can follow the step-by-step instructions or you can sign up for a java user forum and post your questions to many java users that can give you the java help you are looking for. Then there are sites that once you sign up, they connect you to a live JavaScript expert who will for a fee, work with you and help solve your issue. Just remember, do not panic when you need java help. Many people are willing and able to give you the help you need.

Buying Your Marine Outboard Parts: What Type Is Right For You?

When you are looking to get your first boat, the marine outboard parts aren’t as important as what you plan to use the boat for.  Are you a weekend warrior?  Or a water sports fanatic?  Or are you a diehard fisher?  Another thing that you need to consider the amount of money you have to spend on a boat purchase.  If you are rich, this is obviously not as much of an issue as it would be if you are on a budget.  If you are a student with an extremely limited budget, you might want to consider a lease or a club in which you pay a fee to use a communal boat.  If you are an adult with a limited budget, you might want to consider a boat that is more of a “fixer-upper,” which you can then either work on yourself or take to a mechanic with Yamaha marine parts, who will be able to give you a quote and ultimately fix your boat.

If you have an unlimited amount of money, you might want to consider buying a new or only lightly used boat.  If you decide to buy used, you should look for a boat with low fresh water hours only – a boat in salt water will discolor faster than a boat in fresh water.  Despite the amount of money you have, you should always know what you are buying, specifically the mercury outboard parts diagram of the engine, and the specifications of the boat.