SSD that make your computer work faster

Laptops came in four years ago had a mechanical hard drive. But today many laptops come with solid-state drives (SSDs). They are 300 percent faster than those mechanical hard drives and give the user a thrilling ride for their money. It doesn’t stop there. They boot your laptop faster, wake up from sleep instantaneously and open your applications in a fraction of time it took by mechanical hard drives. Reportedly today’s laptops with SSDs open Microsoft Word and Chrome browser in less than one second. How about that?

Even though SSDs are also called solid-state disk, there are no actual disk or drive motor to spin it. There are no moving mechanical parts in it, major difference from hard disk drives or floppy disk drives. It is an integrated circuit that is used for data storage device that uses electronic interfaces that are compatible with traditional hard drives. This makes SSDs resistant to shocks and run silently. Even though the new technology cost more at the beginning, prices are coming down steadily. NAND-based flash memory SSDs retains data even without power due to separate power source use by some. Hybrid versions are available with SSD and hard disk drives.