Should you change your home lighting to LED?

Light emitting diodes or commonly known LED lights are actually cool burning, light emitting computer chips. Will replacing your house bulbs to LED pays off? Here are few things to consider.

  • They cost more than other bulbs such as incandescent or halogen bulbs. But use 90% less electricity than what you are using now. So, they are more environmentally friendly.
  • They last longer than other bulbs. Some estimates indicate up to 15 years or up to 100,000 hours. So, you will save by not having to replace bulbs more often.
  • The Federal Government in September, 2012 is scheduled to implement a ban on incandescent bulbs.
  • There is no heavy metal or mercury in LEDs, so they are recyclable.
  • Consider the warranty. GE bulbs come with 5 years and 50,000 hours warranty.
  • They are super bright.
  • Available in many colors to suit your vehicle if you are considering changing your vehicle lights.
  • If you are using fluorescent lights, consider cost to convert those light holders.

LED industry is growing fast and at the same time consolidating. Whether this will help to lower the price of a unit is anyone’s guess.

How To Find The Best Service To Provide Performance Tests On Your Products

A performance test is critical during the early stages of developing your application product. It is important so that you can find and fix any serious problems before releasing your product to the public. This will help save you money in the end. Hiring a professional testing service can ensure that your application goes through comprehensive testing so that it can perform perfectly. Although there are platforms that allow you to run these tests on your product yourself, having an experienced and knowledgeable testing service can be extremely helpful.

A testing service will have the skills and software to provide you and your product with comprehensive testing. They will be able to perform a number of exams that will allow you to understand how your product is functioning. They will identify fault in its structure that will cause it to perform poorly. These tests will also let you know threshold limits and response times. If your application is downloading slow, you will be able to understand why. Professionals can tell you why your product might run slowly with heavy users. This type of stress testing tells you what will happen under real situations.

There are a number of things that can provide a bad experience to users. Running website load testing will let you know loading speeds. Users today do not have the patience to sit around and wait for a slow loading product, or a product that crashes. With web performance testing, you will be able to fix this before you provide users with a faulty product. There are sometimes other small issue, which a professional will be able to spot right away. Those things range from spelling errors to bad links. All of these simple mistakes can turn users off immediately. It will be important that your product represent you or your company in a positive light. A badly performing product can give you a bad reputation.

To have a quality product it takes a team of experts. Find a testing firm that has years of experience in the business, and knows how to spot problems so that you can have the perfect application product. A team of testing experts doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. You can find technicians easily on the internet. Many times you can take bids on your project so that you can find a testing firm that is the most cost-efficient. To compete in today’s technology market, you must be able to provide users with a near perfect product.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems

The locator 2000 is a fleet and vehicle tracking system employing GPRS technology that automatically updates it’s location every 5 minutes. The compact unit can be installed unobtrusively for genuinely covert vehicle tracking.

The accompanying ProMiles AFTR software makes  trip records that are reliable and makes efficient compliance with  state and federal tax regulations a manageable job. The system can automate tax calculations preventing costly errors that are inevitable with human calculators. The ProMiles AFTR  allows the management of tasks such as  IRP percentage , mile taxes and IFTA calculations.

The locator 2000 allows reporting on first start times, idling times, and trip times, as well as having other features that make it the leader among vehicle tracking systems . In particular, standard features include real time vehicle location and staus, as explained above, vehicle movement histories, finding the nearest vehicle to address another vehicle, custom landmarks for mapping and location based alerts, reporting of mileage, and maintenance alerts.

There are also a number of useful optional features available in these fleet tracking systems. They are: a back up battery, turn by turn historical “breadcrumb trails”, real time medical transportation tracking, wireless internet connection, a wireless panic button feature, and a driver ID kit.

Manuy customized options are also available making it possible to design a system that meets one’s specific needs in terms of asset and fleet management, whether the job is transportation, or construction , or the automotive industry, customized GPS tracking solutions are available for every customer.