A tablet from Microsoft

On June 18, 2012, in Los Angeles, California the Microsoft announced that it is introducing a tablet, the Surface. It will be arriving in October 2012. Software and hardware for the Surface will be made by Microsoft. This is a new dimension for the long standing software company. Now it will compete with its business partners such as Dell, Acer, and Hewlett-Packard, and challenge Apple who is dominating the field.

Until the new Surface, only hardware that Microsoft owned was Xbox, keyboards, and mice. The Surface will weigh 1.5 pounds, 9mm thick, and will run on low-power ARM chips. It will have a built in kick stand and body made of light weight material called vapor-deposited magnesium. The inside of the cover will house a full size keyboard. Few months later a slightly bigger Surface that runs on more powerful Intel chip will follow the first release. This version will support yet to be released Windows 8 and other earlier Windows applications. According to Microsoft pricing will be comparable to similar units available in the market.

Critics say the announcement indicates hardships that Microsoft is facing. Until Surface it has not announced any plans beyond Windows 8 which is due later this year.

Ultimate Mountain Family Resorts For you

The famed PennStateor the state of Pennsylvaniais not only rich in historical events (battle of Gettysburg) but is also known for its 18 billion tourism industry that employs around 600,000 people in various capacities. An estimated 140 million tourists visit Pennsylvania every year, thus turning it into the 5th most visited state in the country.  The Pocono Mountains, located in northeastern Pennsylvania first attracted tourists in the beginning of the 20th century when Philadelphia Quakers opened the Pocono Manor and Buck Hill Falls Tourist Resorts there. Shortly thereafter, Skytop was thrown open by Dr. Mayne in 1928 as one of the most prestigious poconos mountain Resorts.

Acting as host to innumerable family celebrations through several decades, Skytop proves to be the ultimate poconos family resorts. Be it family reunions, marriage anniversaries or birthday rejoicing, you can not beat Skytop in any way. Apart from offering what money can buy, Skytop provides an array of complimentary recreational facilities that are thoroughly enjoyed by their guests.

Skytop is quite popular with the corporate world too. Company meetings and conferences are held within its 5,500 pristine acres throughout the year. 17 meeting halls along with the magnificent 4,200 square feet Evergreen Ballroom can be booked in advance for holding conferences and campaigns by companies and private dealers where the friendly hotel team provides every form of assistance. Moreover, the Executive Conference Center at Skytop offers yet another 10,000 square feet of meeting arena, complete with state-of-the-art audio/visual implements and high speed WiFi Internet connection for the benefit of the participants/ delegates. Why not plan your next sales meeting at Skytop now? Its only a few hours journey from New York City or Philadelphia. For details visit: http://www.skytop.com/.