Finding Buyers Through Facebook

Facebook is like a curse word to some people, but there is great value in the social network if you know how to work with it. There are a variety of opportunities to reach out to others, and to see how your ads are actually performing. Facebook is a powerful platform, and ads aren’t the only way to utilize it. Start a business page for your real estate work and work on making it an inviting place. The social media sphere is a lot less daunting once you understand what will be most effective to you.

Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are not a new concept, but they are new to real estate agents. Ads can be marketed to individuals based on their geographic location, which is excellent for agents. You can also target based on age, workplace and education level. Your ads will be most effective if you can use specific language, and post an original photo. You should also highlight the keywords you audience is looking for, like “single story home” or “short sale.”

Why Agents Don’t Use Facebook

A lot of agents perceive that Facebook is a larger time investment than it really is. It’s true that reporting will be time consuming for you, but it also helps break down your campaigns and recognize opportunities. Facebook has very detailed reporting, including visual graphs for you to review statistics about your audience and your ads.

Solving the Problem of Time

Time is a factor, and it can feel like the enemy when you’re balancing everything else you have to do with reporting on your ads. You should consider taking a measured approach to your work, clearing out a block of time in the early morning or evening to review your ads and make some changes. Lower your budget so you don’t spend too much on your ads while you test. If you still feel overwhelmed, hire a consultant. You can use a PR company to handle your ads, or engage the services of an independent contractor.

Final Thoughts

Facebook and Web ads in general can be great tools for finding more leads. They do cost you money, but they are highly targeted and will deliver exactly the audience you’re looking for. The plus side is that whether you decide to continue ads, your business page is free. Make sure you utilize that space to promote your offers and find more buyers.

Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, an agent-centric real estate brokerage that is one of the fastest growing in the nation. Kuba Jewgieniew provides agents with the technology and education they need to continue closing deals and reaching new customers. For more information on finding buyers for a home, visit Kuba Jewgieniew online.

Graphene to revolutionize technology

Graphene, a super thin material that is touch-sensitive, pliable, transparent, and conduct electricity is revolutionizing electronics industry. The Korean behemoth, Samsung Electronics recently announced that it is introducing a curved screen TV getting one step closer to the graphene technology. The current touch screen material is known as ITO (indium tin oxide) and is subject to brittle and therefore, not suited for bendable devices. Graphene electrical conductivity is 100 times faster than silicon. This quality may help it to be used in TVs, memory chips and many others. Samsung is stockpiling a slew of patents for the technology. Graphene wrapped devices sure to revolutionize the touchscreen technology.

Some US universities including a group from the Cornell University are conducting research on graphene technology. Graphene appears to be more suited for wearables devices too. Imagine a folded tablet that can fit in your pocket or folded phone that fits into your shirt pocket? That day may not be too far away.

Samsung appears to be the early leader in graphene technology but a slew of contenders are closing in. IBM, McAlister Technology, SanDisk, Foxconn Industries, Fujitsu, Teijin, and Xerox all have applied for various patents related to graphene technology. Apple and Google are slowly moving towards it too.