Wearable technology to play a bigger role in our daily lives

Nest, a unit of Google recently bought Dropcam, a Wi-Fi based continues streaming video camera maker. GoPro, one of larger wearable camera maker went public on June 25, 2014 with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). GoPro makes entry level camera called Hero and others. A camera worn on the head of a prospective father who streamed live of his wife rushing to hospital for a delivery and the moment of truth itself made the Internet jitter recently. Wearable watches from many mainstream technology behemoths are already becoming increasingly popular. New generation of wearable are getting more sophisticated and increasingly transforming people’s lives.

Wearable devices are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. From calculator watch introduced in 1980s to the Bluetooth headset to Google Glass is getting increasingly more efficient and tackles complex tasks easily. They are replacing point-and-shoot cameras a thing in the past. Many wearable that helps a person’s fitness routine are helping to improve health and stay healthy. What smartphone technology experienced recently will be the same fate of wearable technology in coming years. There is no doubt that the technology will replace many of the mundane tasks we carryout daily making us more efficient and saving money while doing it.