Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Sweepstakes Café

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, a way for businesses to reach their target audiences without traditional advertising methods. Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media sites can be used to promote and advertise your products and services to nearly any age group and demographic. If you own a sweepstakes café, don’t miss out on the many ways you can advertise your business via social media. SweepsCoach offers the following social media tips for your sweepstakes café.

Allow Customers to Check-In Online

Consumers love bragging about where they’ve been, especially when it comes to fun and entertainment. If you have a Facebook business page, make sure that your customers can check-in online by submitting your address on the page. Only a complete address will allow your customers to check-in, a great way to entice other people to see what all the fuss is about your video sweepstakes machines.

Announce New Games

A great way to bring more people to your shop is to let them know each time you add a new sweepstakes game to your roster. Make the announcement via Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, and make sure that customers have the opportunity to play a sample of the game online. This means you should be only promoting online games or web-based games.

Become an Expert

Don’t just post about your business, become an expert opinion in the industry. Certain courses or sheer experience can make you a leading voice in the sweepstakes industry. Take advantage of your new role and provide regular blog posts on sweepstakes games, machines, and related topics.