Apple to stay on top for smartphones and tablets

The technology and marketing fight between Apple and Korea’s Samsung Electronics is continuing.  Apple is the biggest company and Samsung is gaining more grounds.  Samsung sold more Galaxy S-III smartphones than Apple and its Galaxy Note II tablet is also selling well.  However, people who doubt Apple’s ability to stay on top may want to give it another look.

Apple rolled out iPad mini and iPhone 5 recently.  It had to introduce a lottery and appointments system to tame the Chinese customers when these products were released for sale in China.  When it reports its quarterly earnings in late January 2013, it will give an indication how well these products are selling.

At the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, curious Apple aficionados were talking about a cheaper version of its iPhone to compete with Samsung and others in developing countries.  Apple traditionally drop prices as its products matures and made them available in much of the maturing markets such as developing countries.

Apple customers downloaded more than 40 billion apps from Apple’s App Store since its launch in 2008.  Apple holds more than $29 billion in cash and another $92 billion in other securities.