Virtual reality game technology and games getting closer to reality

A new possible technological advance was on display at the recently concluded E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) expo in Los Angeles. For years, Nintendo and Sega have been trying to come-up with virtual reality for video games. But Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and Saga VR failed for decades to come-up with a technology to stop motion sickness and delays between the time a player make movement and the counterpart to react to it. Now it appears that Facebook and Sony are separately teaming up with new technology companies to bring virtual reality headset device to gamers.

At the E3 Expo, Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus introduced virtual reality headsets for participants to try. Even though the manufacturers didn’t disclose any dates for release, many expect the technology to hit the market soon. Small number of games including EVE Valkyrie was available at the Expo for participant to enjoy. There were horror games including short demo of Alien: Isolation that dragged thrill seeking participants into the game. Lucky’s Tale, developed by a team at Playful is also counting on virtual reality headsets becoming a reality soon. This game looked more polished than others at the Expo.