Picking From the Best SEO Companies

There is no point in giving short shrift to your company’s search engine optimization process. Search engine optimization is one more vital implement in the toolbox of digital marketing, so it’s best to have it running at top speed. You need to go where your customers are, and more than ever, your customers are online. The best way to introduce yourself to them is to have the best possible visibility. Create that vital visibility with a winning SEO strategy.

Online customers are, for the most part, interested in keeping up with the latest services that the modern marketplace offers. Get their attention by having an excellent search engine ranking. You know that you need to work on getting your name out there. It’d be to your advantage to be able to count on the assistance of a fine SEO company, one that’ll deliver its services in a savvy and intelligent manner. When markets are as competitive as they are today, it’s essential to keep up the pace.

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How to Survive Google’s Panda Algorithm

In February 2011, Google launched a major change to its algorithm in an effort to punish low-quality sites, or according to Google, “sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.” Since then the new algorithm, dubbed Panda, has undergone about 20 tweaks, each time causing fear and panic in the search engine optimization industry. Why? Because if you get hit by Panda, you experience a drop in rankings.

Panda is by far the biggest change to Google’s algorithm, initially impacting 11.8 percent of its search results in the US.  So there’s a chance you were hit, or might be hit sometime in the near future. This is why many business owners seek the advice of experienced internet marketing agencies. SEO companies are experts in tracking and analyzing Google algorithm changes, especially major ones like Panda. And they know how to repair your site after such blows.

Panda isn’t all that bad though. In addition to punishing low-quality sites, the Panda algorithm is designed to reward high-quality sites with better rankings. According to Google, high-quality sites feature “original content and information, such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.” This is an example of another reason to hire an experienced SEO company with the skills to outfit your website with quality content using proper white hat SEO techniques.

If you’ve experienced a major drop in your rankings and don’t know why, consider hiring a professional SEO agency to find out for you. For a list of the best companies in the industry, please visit www.topseos.com.

Maintaining Your Search Engine Rankings During a Site Migration

Are you ready to migrate your current website over to a new platform or perform a redesign and site relaunch? These steps can be great tools for moving your company forward but they can also cause significant headaches to your search engine ranking if they aren’t done right. Working with an SEO company might be the best bet for ensuring that your rankings don’t slip during a site overhaul; however, if you are going to do it yourself, you’ll want to make sure you do these things to keep your search engine optimization campaign going strong:

Keep URLs the same. Search engines use the Uniform Research Identifier (URI) to identify content and pages on your website. If you make changes to your website, you’ll still want the new or redesigned pages to map to existing URIs as much as possible – even if you have new or changed URLs.

Use 301 redirects. There will likely be some cases where you’ll need to change URIs on your website during a site redesign or migration. In this case, you’ll want to use a 301 redirect as a way to keep the popularity of your current link and transfer it over to the new link. Doing this can help you to avoid a major SEO hit.

SEO Wins for Lead Generation Goals

When it comes to online marketing, search engine optimization is gaining popularity as one of the most powerful marketing tools for lead generation goals. But just how vital is SEO to gaining lead generation tools? According to some marketers, very powerful.

Marketing Charts reports that 56.4 percent of B2B marketers receive the biggest impact of their lead generation goals from SEO activities, according to a recent survey published by Webmarketing123. While SEO takes first place, 24.8 percent of B2B marketers say that they derive the biggest impact of their lead generation goals from PPC efforts. Social media marketing came in at third place with 17.9 percent.

As any SEO company will confirm, SEO activities are not only vital for B2B marketing campaigns, but also for B2C marketers. According to the same report, 41 percent of B2C marketers say that SEO is the dominant influence on lead generation. Coming in at second place, 34.2 percent of responders said that PPC was the dominant influence on lead generation, followed by social media marketing with 24.8 percent.

So how do marketers track success? The majority of marketers in the survey use web traffic as a measurement of campaign success, representing 73.9 percent of B2B marketers and 79.8 percent of B2C marketers. Lead generation comes in second place with 69.2 percent, while website click-through rate comes in third place with 64.7 percent. In order to gain results, however, most companies invest in hiring an outside SEO firm with the tools and resources to develop successful internet marketing campaigns.