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If you are new to Twitter marketing, you may be confused by the strange symbols and references that are used. But there is a simple explanation to this. It all makes sense when you consider that Twitter was initially conceived with SMS in mind. This meant that a character limitation had to be put in place which in turn left very little space to do other functions.

The @ – The “@” symbol is used to draw attention to a user. For example, @Harry Johnson accidentally squirted ketchup all over himself at Disney world today. However, you should note that this is used in a broadcast sense. If you need to talk to Harry privately, just send him a direct message.
The RT – “RT” is used as courtesy to others. Let us say that you saw an interesting post from one of your friends and want to post it to your own followers. But you also want to give credit to the person who originally posted it as well. This is where you use “RT” and the “@” symbol. Using the previous example this would be posted as, RT @Harry Johnson accidentally squirted ketchup all over himself at Disney world today.

The # – The “#” or hash tag is used to draw attention to words and help with filtering. This way, you can have one channel that shows you Tweets that you are really interested in and think are important. Using the previous example this would look like, @Harry Johnson accidentally squirted ketchup all over himself at #Disney world today. So everyone who is following you and is interested in Disney will see this message in their filters.

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Making Social Media Work for Offline Businesses

Not every business can afford to be online and in some cases they don’t need to at all. But that doesn’t mean that they will not appreciate any extra advertising and promotions. It may sound surprising, but if you think about it social media marketing can indeed be used to promote a non-online business. Let us look at what Twitter can do for a bricks-and-mortar store.

1. Hold a contest via Twitter. Pick a product you want to promote and advertise in the store window that this product is the prize of a Twitter contest. The rules of the contest should be simple. Tell the people that all they have to do is become a follower of the store on Twitter and make a Tweet about the store. You can now see where this will lead to. Not only are you increasing your offline opt-in list, you are also getting some free publicity for your store every time one of your followers Tweet about you. Keep the promo going for a month before you hold the draw.

2. Dish out code words. Once again pick a product and using your store front, advertise that discounts will be given to those who use a code word when making a purchase on that promoted product. Let the people know that the code word will be Tweeted on a certain day of the week. You will be surprised at the number of people who start following you.

3. Mass Tweeting. Don’t overdo this, but this method will give you lots of attention very fast. Hold a contest for the most Tweets about your store. If you offer a decent enough prize, you will have a flood of advertising on your behalf flowing out on the social media circuit.

4. Build followers. In order for Twitter marketing to work effectively, you need to have a lot of followers. How do you build followers? First way it to post on regular basis, so people that like what you post will start following you. Second way is to follow people who think will be interested in following you and hopefully they follow you back. Your could use some twitter tools that can automate some of these tasks, or you could also higher a company like iClimber that does twitter marketing and promotion services.

Making Your Website Social Media Friendly

The advent of Twitter’s @anywhere service and Facebook’s “like” button, are driving home the point that that social media is crucial for a website’s success. This means that website’s should be, more than ever, social media friendly.

There are a few ways in which this can be achieved.

1. The main page of the website is where users spend most of their time. Take advantage of this and place links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other profiles. If you don’t have any of these for some reason, get them immediately.

2. Have a blog. Don’t worry about having to get a web designer to create one; there are many readymade blogs out there on the web. The main reason for having one is that you can implement an RSS feed. RSS feeds allow syndication of information. Many users subscribe to RSS feeds and in turn distribute the information they find there via links. Incorporate your RSS feed into your website. If you need help creating a professional blog, take a look at iClimber’s blog design services.

3. Turn the blog into a business blog. This needs some work, especially in the form of updates. Having a consistent, daily update will increase your reputation and facilitate more interaction with your visitors. Always reply to any comments that you find there as it will help you form relationships.

4. Reduce the clutter on the site and make it mobile friendly. This does not mean that you have to develop separate pages or develop iPhone apps. Just ensure that it will load up fairly fast on a phone browser.

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Promoted Tweets – Twitter Advertising

Since Twitter launched in 2006 the company has been trying to figure out ways to make money. Traditional advertising has been thought about though not very seriously. It is generally considered that this form of advertising would only drive away the fan base. Now, Twitter has come up with an interesting method to generate revenue – Promoted Tweets.

Promoted Tweets are supposed to be normal Tweets by businesses and organization that will be highlighted. They are expected to appear at the top of search result, much like the sponsored links that appear atop Google’s search results. However there is a condition attached to promoted tweets. They will be removed if there is insufficient re-Tweeting or if there are no replies. Currently big players like Starbucks and Red Bull among other have already geared up to use this new method of marketing.

The big question here is, “will it work?” Twitter users are notoriously finicky and may reject advertising even on this level. If users enter the service in a complaining mood (because they know they will see ads) then the service will surely face doom. This is something that Twitter and the advertising companies will have to watch closely and respond to.

However, if this fails Twitter will have to work really fast to come up with a revenue generating plan. Even though it is unfair by users to expect the service to be free forever, that is exactly what has contributed to its success. Unfortunate as this is, that is the tightrope that Twitter has to walk in order to maintain its dominance in the online world.

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