Benefits of the Amazon Kindle 3

Among all the other e-reader devices that are in the market today, the one that has captured the attention of most voracious readers is the Amazon Kindle 3. There are several reasons why this device is considered to be the top-notch and way ahead of its competitors.

Here is a list of benefits which validate why the Kindle 3 is so popular:

#1: One of the most basic functions that the Kindle 3 has is its text-to-speech functionality.

#2: You can access the web in wireless mode using this device.

#3: The device possesses the largest number of font sizes than any of its competitors.

#4: It is easily compatible with the Kindle app that has been developed for a variety of platforms and operating systems.

#5: You can buy your favorite e-Books and email them to Kindle 3 at no cost at all.

#6: It is much cheaper than all its competitors in the market today.

#7: Features such as longer battery life and a speaker not to mention having a larger internal memory is what gives it an edge over its competitors.

#8: There is a variety of choice when it comes to magazines, newspapers, and books.  And the best part of it all is the fact that the eBooks available are much cheaper than the variants offered by its competition.

#9: Not only does it work better in landscape mode but it also adjusts line spacing and margins much better than its competitors.

#10: But most of all, it is available in over 170 countries around the world.

Vidax: Ecommerce Website Redesign

Are you in serious need of a website overhaul? A complete website redesign is a major project that takes a lot of time and skill. It also requires expert SEO eyes. In order to build an attractive user- and search engine- friendly website, you will need to hire an agency that offers ecommerce website redesign services as well as intelligent SEO consultants.

However, finding such an agency can sometimes be more daunting than the process of a website redesign. Not anymore. We’ve scoured the Web for the best agencies in the industry and found one company, Vidax, which provides complete website conversion, redesign and optimization at affordable prices.

Vidax is an experienced agency that builds and redesigns ecommerce websites for greater performance with search engines and offers migration services for Yahoo store, Volusion, and Shopify customers.

While there are many things to consider when choosing a company to redesign your website, experience and price are very important. Vidax has been in the industry since 1996, building and redesigning websites for companies all over the world. The agency is now owned by SEO Samba, the makers of the first organic search marketing platform.  Considering their services, Vidax is also extremely affordable. Whether you need a Yahoo store redesign or website redesign, Vidax provides complete services starting at $700.

Ecommerce Website Redesign Services

Depending on the age and design of your website, it may be time for an ecommerce website redesign. An outdated website can cause many problems; most notably, it can hurt conversions and damage your online image. What’s more, a good number of outdated websites don’t comply with current Internet standards and accepted practices let alone feature search-engine friendly architecture, technology and features.

If you want your website to appeal to consumers and the search engines, it must be people- and –search-engine friendly. However, designing a new website is an expensive project, especially if you’re planning to expand your site and incorporate search engine-friendly features. If you’re ready to invest in an ecommerce website redesign but don’t want to spend a fortune, turn to Vidax.

Vidax has been building and redesigning ecommerce websites since 1996 and aims to create sites for greater performance with search engines. The company also provides migration services for Yahoo store, Volusion, and Shopify customers. In addition to website redesign services, Vidax provides SEO and inbound marketing services for your online boutique.

We invite you to check out the company’s Yahoo store redesign and ecommerce website redesign services. You can also find an interesting feeds comparison chart at and a comparison table at

Why a Travel Phone is a Good Idea

There are benefits to having a travel phone especially if you are a frequent traveler abroad -regardless of whether your travel is for business or for pleasure. The truth is that if you need to stay connected with your colleagues, loved ones, family, and friends, you can continue using your old number but it might cause you to spend much, much more.

While some people might not be so concerned with their roof-high cost, there are others who are more than happy to opt for a world SIM card offered by some companies.  These SIM cards are very different from the ones you used in the United States.

The said companies can provide you with information about the countries that you will be visiting, thus, they will be able to give you the best offers when it comes to not only enjoying seamless service in almost 200 countries but also in spending a pittance by using these international prepaid SIM cards.

So where do you find these offers then?

One place where you can find companies that are more than willing to offer you the best communication services on your travel and that will help you stay connected the best way possible is over the Internet.