Want to Cash in on the Social Media Explosion? Get a Quality Video Production Company!

How often do you see great, memorable videos on websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a video for your business that gets shared by tons of people?  With the right video production company, you can turn that wish into a reality!

For every great video making the rounds on the world wide web, there are thousands of videos that aren’t any good, that simply get ignored.  Remember, you can’t just make a video, and wait for it to get popular on the social media sites.  If you really want people “liking” and “Tweeting” your videos, they have to be great.  And the only way to do that is to find a great video production company.


Professionals know exactly what it takes to create the highest-caliber videos.  Media production is an art, just like anything else.  You wouldn’t try to draw your own logo, would you?  Then, why would you try to create, shoot, and edit your own videos?

The experts at a video production company have state-of-the-art equipment that can make your videos look credible and professional.  That’s the first step to creating a video that’s going to take off on the social media sites.  After all, no one is going to retweet something that’s out of focus, or that looks like it was done by a bunch of amateurs.  You and your business deserve far better!

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Need Great Advertising for a Local Business? 3 Ways to Do It

The right advertising for a local business can mean the difference between great success and total failure. So, which techniques work the best? Try these 3:

1. SEO advertising

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, meaning that you are working to make your website search engine-friendly, so that it has a higher chance of showing up higher in the search results. The higher it shows up in the search results, the better it is for you. Millions of people use search engines every day to find local businesses. By not taking full advantage of the World Wide Web, you are missing out on valuable profits.

2. Promotional products

Want people to remember you? Offer them something free! Seriously, if you give out free, practical products – like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and tote bags – people will remember you every time they use it.

So, what should you give away? That depends on who your target market is. For example, if you’re targeting college students, a calculator with your logo on it can be a great giveaway, because they will actually get some use out of it – and think of you every time they do!

3. Flyer distribution

It’s an oldie but a goodie. People can’t help but see your business name and your message when it’s sitting on their windshield right in front of them! And, fliers are much cheaper than direct mail campaigns, because you do not have to spend money on envelopes or postage.

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Why you should do Local SEO

Local advertising online has been a hot topic in the past couple of years, ever since Google started showing local results in the front page mixed with regular results.  As of couple weeks ago, Google made one more major algorithm change. They now integrate even more local listings in their search results.  For example type “plumber + any major city name” and you will see that more than half the front page results now come from Google Local (aka Google Maps). This is why it is important that your business shows up in local listings in the main city your are located at.

Some people have also taken initiative to try and open branches in different cities, by hiring remote reps, just to take advantage of additional local listings.

The local listings in Google have changed the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game in a big way. No longer major corporations and companies can dominate the top 10 of search engines everywhere. Local small businesses now get a fair shot at Top 10. This is good news for the small guys, but not so good news for those big sites that had a lot of rankings.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab second in popularity to Apple iPad

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has officially sold a million units globally in a span of merely two months since the product was introduced outside the United States plus with the four largest wireless US carriers introducing the product in their sales inventories in the middle of November. The Apple iPad , meanwhile, was able to sell a million units merely a month since its introduction into the market back in April. Still, the 7-inch touchscreen Galaxy Tab with Android platform proves that it is indeed almost as popular as its bigger-screened rival by Apple.

Most of the sales occurred during Thanksgiving, albeit Samsung is reluctant to share details on Galaxy Tab purchases. A spokesperson for the company meanwhile confirmed that worldwide sales had indeed reached a million units sold. Individual carriers say that sales of the Galaxy Tab proved a great deal of positivism, but likewise refused to divulge on detailed sales figures for the product. Still, the 9.7-inch touchscreened iPad is dominating much of the tablet market, having sold at least 4 million by the end of Apple’s fourth quarter which was fell on the last day of October.

Business analysts suggest that over 8 million Apple iPads have been sold to date since its introduction into the tablet market, which is quite impressive despite most of that period falling way before the holiday season. Meanwhile, the partnership between Samsung and Google’s Android mobile is proving to be the biggest winner with such an unexpected success with the Galaxy Tab. Meanwhile, individual carriers are also selling Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones as part of Samsung’s campaign to enlarge its clout in the US.