Grow Campaigns Like a Pro with Buy-Side Platforms

The fastest way to let a good campaign go bad is to rely on a single source of traffic. Your creative will go stale faster, your brand will become diluted as your ads are shown repeatedly, and your messaging will lose its effectiveness. A buy side platform offers marketers the opportunity to avoid this pitfall. Buy-side systems offer a wide range of traffic from a variety of sites. This means new visits and a wider pool of inventory to bid on.

The pros aren’t relying on Google, they are seeking greater volumes of traffic from other sources. Here is the insider scoop on what you need to know.

The Impact of Real-Time

Buy-side platforms manage everything they do in real-time, meaning your ad is live the moment it is declared live. This also means that you begin accumulating data immediately, and that you can make changes as you uncover results and new information. There is no delay in reporting, so you’re aware of what customers are doing as it happens.

Without that delay, you have greater control over your campaigns and can stop spending before your budget gets out of control. You can also see which experiments are working and increase bids to test how effective your changes really are.

Segmenting Traffic

Buy-side platforms offer targeting that is far more granular than what is available on AdWords. These platforms allow marketers to micro-target by location, cell phone provider, Web browser, and other data points for accurate targeting. This is especially helpful for offers that work better on certain browsers or devices, or offers that are hyper-localized to a very specific region.

Targeting is extremely precise, so you can shave unnecessary spend from your more successful campaigns and manage higher profit margins than networks that rely simply on interest-based targeting.

Total Control

A buy-side platform offers marketers more control over the tests they run and how their money is spent. You make the decisions on which keywords receive high bids, you study the data and you create the experiments. That control also allows you to make decisions others might not, like following a hunch based on data you have. Having control over your campaigns, and retaining the ability to change them in real-time, helps you adapt to trends as they change.

Buy-side platforms are extremely effective for marketers who have a thorough grasp of their target audience and the willingness to bid competitively.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a digital advertising company based out of Los Angeles. Ted Dhanik is an active mentor in Start Engine, and his writing is featured in AdAge and Venture Beat. Learn more about Ted Dhanik at the website of engage:BDR.

Finding Buyers Through Facebook

Facebook is like a curse word to some people, but there is great value in the social network if you know how to work with it. There are a variety of opportunities to reach out to others, and to see how your ads are actually performing. Facebook is a powerful platform, and ads aren’t the only way to utilize it. Start a business page for your real estate work and work on making it an inviting place. The social media sphere is a lot less daunting once you understand what will be most effective to you.

Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are not a new concept, but they are new to real estate agents. Ads can be marketed to individuals based on their geographic location, which is excellent for agents. You can also target based on age, workplace and education level. Your ads will be most effective if you can use specific language, and post an original photo. You should also highlight the keywords you audience is looking for, like “single story home” or “short sale.”

Why Agents Don’t Use Facebook

A lot of agents perceive that Facebook is a larger time investment than it really is. It’s true that reporting will be time consuming for you, but it also helps break down your campaigns and recognize opportunities. Facebook has very detailed reporting, including visual graphs for you to review statistics about your audience and your ads.

Solving the Problem of Time

Time is a factor, and it can feel like the enemy when you’re balancing everything else you have to do with reporting on your ads. You should consider taking a measured approach to your work, clearing out a block of time in the early morning or evening to review your ads and make some changes. Lower your budget so you don’t spend too much on your ads while you test. If you still feel overwhelmed, hire a consultant. You can use a PR company to handle your ads, or engage the services of an independent contractor.

Final Thoughts

Facebook and Web ads in general can be great tools for finding more leads. They do cost you money, but they are highly targeted and will deliver exactly the audience you’re looking for. The plus side is that whether you decide to continue ads, your business page is free. Make sure you utilize that space to promote your offers and find more buyers.

Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, an agent-centric real estate brokerage that is one of the fastest growing in the nation. Kuba Jewgieniew provides agents with the technology and education they need to continue closing deals and reaching new customers. For more information on finding buyers for a home, visit Kuba Jewgieniew online.

Make an Ice Cream Shop that will Stand the Test of Time

Do you run an ice creamer shop? If you do, then props to you! You probably bring smiles to the faces and joy to the hearts of countless kids and kids at heart! Ice cream is such a joyous treat to have especially during a warm summer day with its sweet and cold soothing effect. If you run an ice cream shop—or aspire to run one, then you should know that while the passion to create frozen confections is the core that will drive you to success, there are more than a few important things that you will need to have as well.

The first important step to success is to have high quality products that people can enjoy for years to come. A good ice cream needs to have not only a good balanced taste but excellent texture as well. Second, you need to have a nice location that is accessible to your target market. It is important to have a good location because people usually get ice cream on the go in where they usually pass by. Third, you need to have quality supplies because it adds to the flair of your shop.

Having fancy supplies such as cups and spoons can become a headache and breakage can be a problem. Luckily, there are now online sources of disposable ice cream cups and other ice cream shop supplies that can provide you with bulk and customizable supplies that will surely get the customers rolling through the door.


Online Advertising Through Social Media – by Ted Dhanik

Online advertising has become one of the most popular and effective types of advertising in recent years.  The reason for this is that people use the internet today more than ever before.  Therefore, it is beneficial for advertisers to take advantage of this opportunity to reach potential clients through this medium.

There are various types of online advertisements that companies can utilize.  One of the hottest growing types of internet ads are on social media websites.  Social media applications have taken the world by storm.  Never before has there been such an easy and convenient way for businesses to reach billions of people at the click of a mouse.  Social media has completely revolutionized everything from communication to advertising to international business.

There are new social media websites popping up every day, but there are a few sites that currently dominate the market.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the trendiest sites that have attracted a huge number of members.  Nearly everyone has a Facebook today, and most people use it throughout the day, every single day.  Due to the amount of exposure involved, businesses need to take advantage of advertising on social media.

Unlike other types of advertising, social media advertising basically works like word of mouth referrals.  Many businesses rely on word of mouth referrals to this day because people want to hear reviews from those they trust.  Therefore, if companies can interest users through the content they post, the users will potentially share it with their friends, who will then share it with their friends.  This translates into inexpensive, but impactful advertising for many different types of businesses.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR, supplier of high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is a passionate blogger who helps form trends in display advertising.  Visit for more information on Ted Dhanik.

Easy Breezy with Card Processing

It’s amazing to see how far technology has made our lives more convenient, from the invention of the telephone, to the invention of the internet, where you can, not only gather the information you need, but buy the materials you need as well at the simple press of a button. The rising trend of internet shopping has become a fast and convenient way to purchase the things that you need without leaving the comforts of your own home. Take advantage of this trend as a modern entrepreneur through the use of internet merchant accounts. These accounts will make payment much easier as it makes use of the current trend of internet shopping, opening your business to the world.

Securing your revenues has never been easier as using credit card processing services will expand your customer base to be available to a larger part of the market. This service ensures that all payment options are available for your potential customer and ensure that your transaction is as convenient as possible.

There is also the case of some online establishments that need something a special kind of service for what they offer. High risk merchant accounts are also readily available for various applications such as online gambling, software sales, etc. These accounts offer lower chargeback fees and policies but have higher rates to compensate for the risk that the company is undertaking. The world is changing and the question is if you and your business can keep up with the pace.