Reasons why Facebook may not be good for you

Facebook has become part and part of daily life with millions of people logging on to the network daily. It is great way to connect with long lost friends and relations and share pictures, chat and do the so many things possible on the site. But as with all good things there is a bad side to everything and this is no exception. What are the negative effects Facebook has on society?


This has become a serious cause for concern with many people spending long hours logged on and this has resulted in the lives of those being severely affected with it taking a toll on personal relationships as well as work with people even losing jobs due to addiction issues.

Health issues

People are spending more of their free time in front of the computer instead of engaging in physical activities. This has led to the increase in obesity, heart problems and many other health complications associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

It is used to lure victims

There have been many instances where predators lure unsuspecting victims and sexually abuse them and in some instances even commit murder. Information gathered from the site has been used to commit robberies as well.

Computer Workstation Furniture

When you are operating a business, it is very important to have the right type of computerworkstation furniture that will aid you in your work and look attractive as well. You will find that using the right furniture company that provides the most advanced technological furniture that will suit your needs and look very attractive. Ergonomic consideration is always put into each piece of furniture that is created for the office. It does not matter if it is a home office or a corporate office in a major corporation.

Many times your workstation needs to be made to accommodate audiovisual integration along with your computer equipment. There is visual consideration to be taken into account with any workstation furniture. You will want to know that you have the most productive workstation that a modern day office can provide.

In some situations where there is board, meetings conducted from the workstation to people located all around the world then you need to know that you have large screen displays capabilities. A meeting or workshop always appears much clearer when you can view it on a large screen. You will want your workstation to be able to hold your large screen for any broadcasts that you need to make available to your staff.

You will find that there are companies that make console furniture pieces that make it easier for you to use. The furniture pieces can be configured so that one person or four can have access to the capabilities of using the workstation.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is accomplished through the use satellites that are in orbit around Earth. Every spot on Earth has coordinates associated with it that is different from every other spot on Earth. Depending on the number of satellites used, GPS systems can narrow down the exact spot to within feet. Once the GPS systems were able to accurately determine the exact coordinates, it started being used in a variety of systems and situations.

GPS systems can literally save people’s lives. Some times when a person goes hiking in a remote part of the world, it is easy to become disoriented and lost. Prior to GPS, there was not anyway to accurately determine where they were at on Earth. Now, through the use of GPS, a hiker can know within feet of where they are. Most GPS systems now allow a destination point to be entered and will give the hiker directions on how to get back to civilization.

One of the first adopters of GPS, were dispatchers in the trucking industry so they could use fleet tracking. This allows the dispatcher to instantly know where every single one of their trucks is located. This facilitates better coordination of their fleets.

In fact, since truckers must keep log books, Promiles can do it automatically through the use of GPS. It logs and records all the information the government needs to ensure the truckers are following the trucking regulations. These logs save them time and paperwork.

Yelp Negative Reviews Could Ruin Your Business

If you own a business, whether large or small, you know that reputation is everything. Successful businessman Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” And with the arrival of local review websites such as Yelp, the Internet has become a place where negative or unflattering content spreads like wild fire — except it never disappears.

While most people use Yelp to find a business, others utilize it to read consumer critiques of a company’s products or services. Online business reviews, including the 5-star rating system used by Yelp, have the power to influence the purchasing decisions of the consumer. Just as positive reviews can convince a buyer to shell out cash for a product or service from your company, negative critiques can persuade them to run the other direction, especially if the reviews appear prominently on popular sites such as Yelp.

A negative online reputation can be disastrous for your business. What’s worse, it is nearly impossible for small businesses to control what is being said about them online, let alone remove negative reviews from Yelp. This is where online reputation management comes in handy.

Online reputation management is vital for mainstream businesses; however it requires the special skill set of a professional reputation management firm. While there is no way to remove negative listings from Yelp, there are ways to bring up your overall rating. Through our proactive Yelp Negative Review Repair service, Submit Express can help businesses improve their Yelp ratings and repair their online reputation before it’s too late.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Cameras

The spy cameras for home or office are great for the house or business owners. They can easily find out what is going on while they are out, not to mention about the possibility to watch the whole action from home. Now, what are the benefits and disadvantages of these wonder gadgets? The advantages are more than obvious. As a parent, you can make sure that your kid is not holding any parties while you are out or that the babysitter you have hired does exactly what she is hired for. The hidden cameras can be placed anywhere, ensuring an excellent camouflage. They are almost impossible to be seen. For a business owner, they help the manager notice if the employees work like they should or if any problems show up behind the back. The cameras come with a small internal memory, but the “eyes” can also watch from home through a hidden cameras wireless connection.

 However, nothing is perfect, not even these excellent gadgets. Spying can be considered to be illegal from a few points of view. You might catch an illegal action on tape, but if the camera is not on your property, you might be charged for privacy invasion. At the same time, using such a camera in an illegal way makes your evidence null. You must be very careful where you place the spy cameras and for what purposes you use them. Even when it comes to your own business, places like the restrooms are not too appropriate for spying.