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Top Twitter Tools

Top Twitter Tools

by Pierre Zarokian The popularity of Twitter has exploded in the past year. More people than ever are using it as a way to share information and connect with others around the world. Recent news events have highlighted just how powerful Twitter has become as a way for diverse groups of people to discuss news and events that are important to them. The recent surge in Twitter’s popularity highlights... [Read more]

90+ Social Media Sites

90+ Social Media Sites

I covered a listing of twenty dofollow social bookmarking sites in another post. This time around i am listed 90+ social bookmarking sites, both dofollow and nofollow. Some of the biggest sites online are nofollow but if you do get your submission to the front page of the site, it can mean a massive amount of traffic for a short period of time. The usefulness of both depends on your overall plan for... [Read more]

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Do you own a website or a blog and as a result spend a lot of time submitting your site to all the social media sites? What if you could cut down the time it takes to submit your pages to half an hour from the current two hours it takes? In this post I will be looking at two free tools which can drastically speed up the time it takes. First up on the list is Socialmarker found over at [Read more]

What will replace silicon in semiconductors?

Silicon has been the predominant material in semiconductors and since the industry began using it some 60 years ago, it had a good long run. Silicon is the eight most common element material in the universe. Industries use it with little to no processing. Due to its value as an electric conductivity, silicon and germanium are the two most commonly used element material in semiconductors today. ... [Read more]

Grow Campaigns Like a Pro with Buy-Side Platforms

The fastest way to let a good campaign go bad is to rely on a single source of traffic. Your creative will go stale faster, your brand will become diluted as your ads are shown repeatedly, and your messaging will lose its effectiveness. A buy side platform offers marketers the opportunity to avoid this pitfall. Buy-side systems offer a wide range of traffic from a variety of sites. This means new visits... [Read more]

Promoting Web technology in developing countries

Providing content for non-English language users have been a bigger problem for many Internet companies. This problem is more visible in India than any other place in the world. China is taking concrete measures to combat the issue. The number of Internet users in India is expected to grow to more than 500 million users in the near future and more than 300 million of them will be non-English users. Mozilla... [Read more]

How to Purchase Ad Traffic from a Buy-Side Platform

Buy-side platforms and real-time bidding have completely revolutionized the world of mobile and desktop advertising. Real-time data helps marketers segment by more than interest, honing in on users based on specific qualities uncovered by competitive research. In addition, these platforms offer targeted traffic from multiple networks. The amount of inventory means that you need to approach your campaigns... [Read more]

Apple Watch, a technological marvel

Whether it is a watch or a digital peripheral, the much anticipated Apple Watch is going to be an amazing technological advancement. The Watch, Watch Sport and the Watch Edition are due to hit the market in April 2015. It will be a timekeeper, provide a new way to connect, help with your health and fitness, and perform many other functions while providing more services. Introduced to the world at... [Read more]

Air Canada flight crash lands on runway after clipping power lines

Air Canada Flight 624 crash landed at Halifax Stanfield International Airport late Saturday night after clipping power lines. No serious injuries were reported. The aircraft, an Airbus A320, took off at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 9:05 p.m. ET, according to Flight Aware . It was scheduled to arrive at Halifax International at 11:40 p.m. ET. Power went out at the airport, according to... [Read more]

Where the U.S. falls on both sides of the Middle East religious divide

The United States is always somehow involved in the Middle East But these days, it’s even more complicated than usual with America finding itself on both sides of a sectarian divide. See also: Yemen’s political crisis: What you need to know That divide is deepened by the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Iran is a predominantly Shiite nation while Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni... [Read more]

Indiana may clarify ‘religious freedom’ law after widespread backlash

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says he would support legislation to “clarify the intent” of a new state law that has attracted widespread criticism over concerns it could allow discrimination against gay people. In an interview Saturday with the Indianapolis Star , the Republican governor said he’s been in discussions with legislative leaders this weekend. He expects that... [Read more]

Transparent bracelets honor 220 journalists imprisoned around the world

Ethiopian schoolteacher and journalist Reeyot Alemu was teaching English to her high-school class when police raided the building and arrested her in 2011 Alemu, a vocal critic of the Ethiopian government, was charged with terrorism. The only evidence presented at her trial were critical articles she had written and phone calls she had made discussing peaceful protests Alemu has been in prison for... [Read more]

New security camera video emerges of Manhattan building exploding

Security camera footage has surfaced of the explosion that rocked Manhattan’s East Village on Thursday. A resulting seven-alarm fire demolished three buildings and injured at least 22 people, four of them critically. At least two people are still missing. See also: Explosion and fire destroy building in Manhattan’s East Village, injuring 12 The 40-second video clip, which ABC 7 obtained... [Read more]