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Top Twitter Tools

Top Twitter Tools

by Pierre Zarokian The popularity of Twitter has exploded in the past year. More people than ever are using it as a way to share information and connect with others around the world. Recent news events have highlighted just how powerful Twitter has become as a way for diverse groups of people to discuss news and events that are important to them. The recent surge in Twitter’s popularity highlights... [Read more]

90+ Social Media Sites

90+ Social Media Sites

I covered a listing of twenty dofollow social bookmarking sites in another post. This time around i am listed 90+ social bookmarking sites, both dofollow and nofollow. Some of the biggest sites online are nofollow but if you do get your submission to the front page of the site, it can mean a massive amount of traffic for a short period of time. The usefulness of both depends on your overall plan for... [Read more]

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Do you own a website or a blog and as a result spend a lot of time submitting your site to all the social media sites? What if you could cut down the time it takes to submit your pages to half an hour from the current two hours it takes? In this post I will be looking at two free tools which can drastically speed up the time it takes. First up on the list is Socialmarker found over at [Read more]

SSD that make your computer work faster

Laptops came in four years ago had a mechanical hard drive. But today many laptops come with solid-state drives (SSDs). They are 300 percent faster than those mechanical hard drives and give the user a thrilling ride for their money. It doesn’t stop there. They boot your laptop faster, wake up from sleep instantaneously and open your applications in a fraction of time it took by mechanical hard... [Read more]

What will replace silicon in semiconductors?

Silicon has been the predominant material in semiconductors and since the industry began using it some 60 years ago, it had a good long run. Silicon is the eight most common element material in the universe. Industries use it with little to no processing. Due to its value as an electric conductivity, silicon and germanium are the two most commonly used element material in semiconductors today. ... [Read more]

Grow Campaigns Like a Pro with Buy-Side Platforms

The fastest way to let a good campaign go bad is to rely on a single source of traffic. Your creative will go stale faster, your brand will become diluted as your ads are shown repeatedly, and your messaging will lose its effectiveness. A buy side platform offers marketers the opportunity to avoid this pitfall. Buy-side systems offer a wide range of traffic from a variety of sites. This means new visits... [Read more]

Promoting Web technology in developing countries

Providing content for non-English language users have been a bigger problem for many Internet companies. This problem is more visible in India than any other place in the world. China is taking concrete measures to combat the issue. The number of Internet users in India is expected to grow to more than 500 million users in the near future and more than 300 million of them will be non-English users. Mozilla... [Read more]

How to Purchase Ad Traffic from a Buy-Side Platform

Buy-side platforms and real-time bidding have completely revolutionized the world of mobile and desktop advertising. Real-time data helps marketers segment by more than interest, honing in on users based on specific qualities uncovered by competitive research. In addition, these platforms offer targeted traffic from multiple networks. The amount of inventory means that you need to approach your campaigns... [Read more]

How your smartphone can actually be good for your mental health

When it comes to mental health, technologies such as smartphones and social media networks are almost always discussed in terms of the dangers they pose. Alongside concerns expressed in the media , some experts believe that technology has a role in the rising rates of mental health problems. However, there is also evidence to suggest your smartphone could actually be good for your mental health. The... [Read more]

‘Kung Fury’ is the insane ’80s parody you need to watch right now

For the last half an hour, I’ve been watching the craziest ’80s action movie ever. Its name is Kung Fury and it was released Thursday. Funded on Kickstarter after a successful campaign started in Dec. 2013, Kung Fury follows the eponymous title character, a bandana-adorned cop with superpowers which grant him uncanny knowledge of kung fu. He wears a leather jacket. He says a lot of cheesy... [Read more]

Pie-eating badger caught having midnight snack in kitchen

A sweet-toothed badger was interrupted in the middle of a midnight Bakewell tart feast after it used a cat flap to let itself into a house in West Sussex in England. See also: Determined squirrel refuses to let go of booby-trapped bird feeder The late-night antics were captured by Geoff Taylor who heard the disturbance in his kitchen and found the badger making light work of the sweet, jam and almond... [Read more]

FIFA members set to vote for new president

LONDON — FIFA’s 209 members are set to vote for their new president Friday, and beleaguered incumbent Sepp Blatter looks likely to triumph. After a week of turmoil for football’s governing body, which saw several top executives arrested in Zurich as two separate investigations into corruption were launched , FIFA’s annual congress has been taking place regardless. See also: FIFA... [Read more]

Mystery of holes in Swiss cheese finally solved

The mystery of Swiss cheese and its disappearing holes has finally been solved. See also: 23 furniture pieces for extreme food-lovers with delicious taste A Swiss agricultural institute discovered that tiny specks of hay are responsible for the famous holes in cheeses like Emmental or Appenzell. As milk matures into cheese these “microscopically small hay particles” help create the holes... [Read more]