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Top Twitter Tools

Top Twitter Tools

by Pierre Zarokian The popularity of Twitter has exploded in the past year. More people than ever are using it as a way to share information and connect with others around the world. Recent news events have highlighted just how powerful Twitter has become as a way for diverse groups of people to discuss news and events that are important to them. The recent surge in Twitter’s popularity highlights... [Read more]

90+ Social Media Sites

90+ Social Media Sites

I covered a listing of twenty dofollow social bookmarking sites in another post. This time around i am listed 90+ social bookmarking sites, both dofollow and nofollow. Some of the biggest sites online are nofollow but if you do get your submission to the front page of the site, it can mean a massive amount of traffic for a short period of time. The usefulness of both depends on your overall plan for... [Read more]

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Do you own a website or a blog and as a result spend a lot of time submitting your site to all the social media sites? What if you could cut down the time it takes to submit your pages to half an hour from the current two hours it takes? In this post I will be looking at two free tools which can drastically speed up the time it takes. First up on the list is Socialmarker found over at [Read more]

The Basics of Laptop Rental in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is one of the most populous cities in California and can be described as a progressive location evidenced by the number of corporate headquarters in the area. That’s why presentations, activities, and events that require computers are not uncommon here. Laptop rental in Santa Ana is quite a common business. Many in the city offer computer and related rental services. But how do you know... [Read more]

Technology revolution with the Universal Remote

We have too many remote control devices lying around the house. One for the TV, another for the VCR, one for the music player, another for the cable, and the list goes on and on. What if we have just one remote control that can turn on and off many devices? This is where Universal Remote comes in handy. It is a device that can operate many consumer electronics made by many different manufacturers.... [Read more]

Do you need all that RAM?

These days’ computers tout more memory to woo customers. How much memory especially random access memory (RAM) do you need? Today computer systems come in as 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Some suggest 1GB of RAM for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit systems. Then why some lower end PCs comes with 4GB of RAM. Mid-sized PCs are even loaded with double that of RAM while the higher end goes as high as 16GB. Memory... [Read more]

SSD that make your computer work faster

Laptops came in four years ago had a mechanical hard drive. But today many laptops come with solid-state drives (SSDs). They are 300 percent faster than those mechanical hard drives and give the user a thrilling ride for their money. It doesn’t stop there. They boot your laptop faster, wake up from sleep instantaneously and open your applications in a fraction of time it took by mechanical hard... [Read more]

What will replace silicon in semiconductors?

Silicon has been the predominant material in semiconductors and since the industry began using it some 60 years ago, it had a good long run. Silicon is the eight most common element material in the universe. Industries use it with little to no processing. Due to its value as an electric conductivity, silicon and germanium are the two most commonly used element material in semiconductors today. ... [Read more]

No surprise: Launch of London’s Night Tube is delayed

LONDON — If “never taking the night bus ever again” was on your wish list for mid-September, think again. The much-awaited introduction of the Night Tube service has been deferred, Transport for London said Thursday See also: London hates the Tube strike, but it does love to form orderly queues It’s the news most Londoners were expecting after two strikes and several rounds of... [Read more]

‘Manspreading’ and 22 more words added to Oxford Dictionaries

LONDON — Have you found yourself having the bants about why you’re so hangry, only for it all to be made worse by someone’s manspreading? Is it beer o’clock yet? See also: Hot messes and sh*tshows now officially recognized by Oxford English Dictionary Oxford University Press released its quarterly update of new words being added to on Thursday. Among them:... [Read more]

Friendly humans stop to shelter soggy dog left out in the rain

LONDON – This is what true kindness looks like: stopping to help a sodden Alsatian (German Shepherd) that’s been caught in a sudden downpour while waiting for its owner. See also: Irish pubgoers flock to rescue cat dangling from 2nd floor window A passing couple took pity on the bedraggled pooch, which was tied to a lamppost outside Marks & Spencer in Kent, with the man actually going... [Read more]

LG Rolly is a portable keyboard that turns into a stick

The portable keyboard is a problematic gadget — to make sense, it needs to be big enough for a human to type on, but it should also be as small as possible LG has tackled the problem with its Rolly Keyboard — an almost-full-sized keyboard that collapses into a stick. Yes, the stick still has the keyboard’s length (LG did not disclose the keyboard’s size), so it’s not exactly... [Read more]

Lisa Kudrow resurrects ‘Smelly Cat’ with cat-obsessed Taylor Swift

LOS ANGELES — Documented cat lady Taylor Swift surprised a sold-out Staples Center crowd by bringing out Friends character Phoebe Buffay to perform “Smelly Cat.” Lisa Kudrow resurrected the character and her trademark song with Swift during the last of five concerts in L.A., taking fans down memory lane straight to Central Perk See also: Taylor Swift reigns over us with ‘1989’... [Read more]