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Top Twitter Tools

Top Twitter Tools

by Pierre Zarokian The popularity of Twitter has exploded in the past year. More people than ever are using it as a way to share information and connect with others around the world. Recent news events have highlighted just how powerful Twitter has become as a way for diverse groups of people to discuss news and events that are important to them. The recent surge in Twitter’s popularity highlights... [Read more]

90+ Social Media Sites

90+ Social Media Sites

I covered a listing of twenty dofollow social bookmarking sites in another post. This time around i am listed 90+ social bookmarking sites, both dofollow and nofollow. Some of the biggest sites online are nofollow but if you do get your submission to the front page of the site, it can mean a massive amount of traffic for a short period of time. The usefulness of both depends on your overall plan for... [Read more]

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Free Tools to Speed Up Social Media Submission

Do you own a website or a blog and as a result spend a lot of time submitting your site to all the social media sites? What if you could cut down the time it takes to submit your pages to half an hour from the current two hours it takes? In this post I will be looking at two free tools which can drastically speed up the time it takes. First up on the list is Socialmarker found over at [Read more]

Wearable technology to play a bigger role in our daily lives

Nest, a unit of Google recently bought Dropcam, a Wi-Fi based continues streaming video camera maker. GoPro, one of larger wearable camera maker went public on June 25, 2014 with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). GoPro makes entry level camera called Hero and others. A camera worn on the head of a prospective father who streamed live of his wife rushing to hospital for a delivery and the moment... [Read more]

Virtual reality game technology and games getting closer to reality

A new possible technological advance was on display at the recently concluded E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) expo in Los Angeles. For years, Nintendo and Sega have been trying to come-up with virtual reality for video games. But Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and Saga VR failed for decades to come-up with a technology to stop motion sickness and delays between the time a player make movement and the... [Read more]

Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Sweepstakes Café

Written by SweepsCoach Social media is a powerful marketing tool, a way for businesses to reach their target audiences without traditional advertising methods. Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media sites can be used to promote and advertise your products and services to nearly any age group and demographic. If you own a sweepstakes café, don’t miss out on the many ways you can advertise... [Read more]

Wire bonding, a critical step in semiconductors

Wire bonding is the method that provides electrical connection between semiconductors and circuit boards using super fine aluminum, copper, or gold material. More than 80 percent of semiconductors are still using the decade-old wire-bonding technology. This method is generally considered the most cost effective and flexible interconnect technology for wire bonding in semiconductors. Main materials... [Read more]

Google Chromecast, a streaming media player from Google

Released in July 2013 in the United States, Google Chromecast is a digital media player that some called a strange beast. The $35 device from Google is a micro USB that comes with a Marvell chip inside that displays audio and video content in 1080p (HDMI). It streams content through Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network. Someone that has Google Chrome Web browser that runs mobile and web apps... [Read more]

The First All-Female Sports Show Is Called ‘We Need to Talk’

News broke earlier this month that CBS Sports will debut the first all-female sports talk show in national TV history. Now the broadcast company has released more details about its historic offering, including the show’s name: We Need to Talk The show will have an all-female cast, and will be produced and directed exclusively by women See also: Sports Media Misogyny: What Is Fans’ Problem... [Read more]

Federer Meets Jordan: Is This the Greatest Sports Selfie Ever Taken?

The world has seen weirder selfies. The world has seen more star-studded selfies. The world has seen toast selfies, and it has seen deadly selfies But this may be the greatest selfie ever taken — if we judge by athletic accomplishment alone See also: The Yellow First-Down Line: An Oral History of a Game Changer Said selfie was delivered to us lucky Earthlings by tennis great Roger Federer and basketball... [Read more]

9-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi

A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed a shooting instructor with an automatic Uzi in White Hills, Arizona, authorities said in a statement Tuesday The girl, who was unidentified, shot 39-year-old instructor Charles Vacca in the head on Monday, Mohave County Sherriff’s deputies said in a release. She was learning how to use the weapon. The shooting took place around 10 a.m., local time,... [Read more]

Sydney University Halts Investment in Australian Coal Mining

SYDNEY — In an unprecedented move, the University of Sydney has suspended further investment in the Australian coal mining industry. “The university has issued an instruction to its Australian equities managers to make no further investments in the coal and consumable fuels subsector of the ASX,” a University spokesperson said in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald , without detailing... [Read more]

Emmy Awards: Who Should Host Next Year?

Talking about next year’s Emmy Awards the day after the latest ceremony is a bit like going to the shelter the day after your dog dies. But while some may cry “too soon,” the discussion about next year’s host is one that eventually needs to happen In fact, some people started the conversation last night during the show — particularly, after Billy Eichner had a successfully... [Read more]