Can an “iWatch” from Apple save the company?

A watch capable of computing from Apple is once again making headlines in technology circuit. Apple lost more than one third of its share price recently and could use a boost from much talked about wrist watch. Other companies have made attempts starting with Cisco’s calculator watch in 1970s to Sony’s SmartWatch that you can check your e-mail, tweet, or play music in addition to making phone calls. At the same time Apple has proven with its iPad, iPhone and others that it is capable of introducing new products that can unseat some of the industry leaders.

The latest rumors about Apple wrist watch comes from its filings of more than 79 patent applications since 2001 related to a flexible screen device powered by kinetic energy. Additionally, Bloomberg Businessweek says that team of about 100 Apple employees are working on a smart wristwatch that company expect to introduce this fall. Additionally, it reports citing a source familiar with the company, the new device will be capable of time keeping as well as an accessory to its iPhone allowing make and receive calls, check maps, work as a pedometer and a heart monitor.