The Best Appliance Deals on Black Friday

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Appliances are some of the most popular items to pick up on Black Friday. If you’re looking for new devices to add to your home, here are a few items you should keep an eye out for during the next Black Friday sale.

Washers & Dryers


Clean clothes are essential for healthy living. Unfortunately, some of the best washing/drying machines can reach prices of more than $1,000. If you want a more affordable price for washers & dryers, be sure to put them on your shopping list.



Having clean, well-preserved food is another basic necessity, and refrigerator technology has made that possible for many households. Hi-tech models such as French door refrigerators can be even more expensive than washing machines, so Black Friday is a good time to save on refrigerators.

Kitchen Appliances


Cooking enthusiasts can find many worthwhile kitchen appliances to purchase on Black Friday. Any product you will use frequently after buying it is money well spent. Look for blenders, microwaves, coffee makers, and more at Curacao.

Vacuum Cleaners


Vacuum cleaners make house cleaning more convenient and less taxing. Technological advances continue to improve vacuum cleaners’ capabilities at eliminating dirt from your floors. Check Dyson for deals on all their products.

Robot Vacuums


If you’d rather not do the house cleaning work yourself, you can always buy a hi-tech companion who can vacuum the house for you. Find deals on robot vacuums at brands such as iRobot.

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