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Google to replace credit cards with Google Wallet

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Google has developed an application which could revolutionize the way we shop. No need of taking out and signing credit card slips, all you need to do is tap the phone at the register and you are done!

At present the free Google app runs only on Sprint’s Google Nexus S phone which uses Google’s Andriod software since it is one of the very few phones equipped with a special Near Fields Communication (NFC) chip which is required for Google Wallet. In future the feature will be available in many other phones.

The Mastercard network has NFC readers installed with over 150,000 merchants nationwide such as as New York City taxis, Sports Authority, Foot Locker and many more and are hoping to add Bloomingdale’s, Subway and Macy’s in the near future. Google has future plans to tie up with Mastercard to combine the two services.

With Google Wallet, you tap your phone instead of swiping the credit card. The phone acts as the credit card. At the moment the only card Wallet can impersonate is the Citibank Mastercard but Google is confident that in the near future more credit card companies and banks will work together with Google Wallet.

Fours Things to Avoid So Your Twitter Account Isn’t Closed

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You’ve been having a great run so far with your Twitter marketing campaign, but what if your account were shut down, right out of the blue, and with no prior warning? Yikes! Such circumstances certainly spell terrible news, yet they are still an all-too-familiar experience for a growing number of Twitter users, and most especially among the marketing set. The niceties and not-so-niceties of this profession are fraught with particularly explosive components in terms of things that can catch the gaze of alert, eagle-eyed censoring/quality-control authorities. Start up your creativity so that you can continue to make use of these components, but in ways that will not get you in trouble.

More specifically, the accounts of marketers are more prone to being closed because they are the group of individuals most likely to do such thing as: (1) post duplicate updates, (2) put up links with no additional (personal) information, and (3) start following or unfollowing at massive paces. A fourth tweeting behavior that will get you in trouble (read: get your account suspended) is not abiding by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — but the perils of this last faux pas are more equitably distributed among the Twitter populations. Either way, you don’t want to be caught violating any part of this long treatise that was ever so neatly typed up back in the depths of 1998.

So what is it about marketers’ profession that sets them up so patly for a censoring spree from the powers-that-be of internet sociability? For starters, it’s that singular profession’s demands for massive outreach. Staying truly connected is tough, everybody knows that, but marketers don’t just want to connect with loads of people — marketers also want to engage these people in ways that make them willing to spend money or effort on the cause the marketer is most currently championing. It’s certainly a tough order, but these are not folks who easily back away from a challenge.

If you’re in marketing, use Twitter, and don’t want to end up with a lost account, keep in mind the four points made above. You’re ingenuity is the limit when it comes to social media outreach, but don’t overstep any legally established lines.

Los Angeles Computer Networking For Your Company

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The amount of internet technology that is present in today’s society is honestly astounding. One of the biggest emerging fields of the past decade is IT consulting, the practice of hiring companies to come into your own company to perform tech related jobs while not actually hiring and managing them for full time positions. Los Angeles IT consulting is one of the biggest hot spots for this type of trade, as is any big city. There are large numbers of companies that need network support Orange County but fortunately there are a number of great companies that would love to come to the rescue.

There are lots of different jobs around the office that an IT consultant might be able to assist with. One example is making sure the computer network in the office is both secure and working. This helps for inter-office communication and functions such as printing and sharing files.

Some IT companies even have a web design section and are available to create graphics, logos, web pages, web systems, and newsletter applications for your company. Not only do IT consultants help with in-office activities, they have a great deal of impact on the marketing of a company as well.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area you might try a Google search of “Los Angeles computer networking” to see what companies are available in your area. There is a good chance that they will all have multiple ratings that will assist your company in your choice.

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, Applications Available Now

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Are you thinking about pursuing a teaching career? Do you want to continue your education toward a master’s degree? If you’re like many Americans, you may be hesitant to change careers due to the current economy. You may also be worried about pursuing a master’s due to the hefty price tag attached to the degree. However, there are several great scholarships and fellowship programs that may help ease the transition into teaching jobs and the financial burden of going back to school for your master’s.

If you have a background in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM fields) you can apply online for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. This unique fellowship includes a $30,000 stipend toward a master’s degree program at one of seventeen select universities throughout the mid-west, including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The program accepts applicants from current undergraduates, recent college graduates, midcareer professionals, and retirees who have been employed in, or majored in, STEM fields.

Winners of the fellowship program will have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time master’s program with a focus on students in high-poverty urban or rural schools. The program consists of a combination of intense coursework and “clinical” training, professional development and hands-on experience in urban or rural schools three to give days per week.

Improved Commercial Visibility with Twitter

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There’s no doubt that Twitter is on the up-and-up and will remain that way for some time to come; it’s simply become rather entrenched in people’s online and offline lives. If you want to join in but are unsure of how to get started — or keep going — you can hire a service like that offered by iClimber to fix any Twitter woes. iClimber can open a Twitter account for you, if you’re still without one, and create the twitterings (posts or tweets) that will generate buzz for your business. Welcome to the brave new world of Twitter marketing.

A well-managed Twitter account is an excellent tool for building an engaged constituency of brand followers. If it works for the politicians it can work for you. The service offered by iClimber can get you 40 to 150 monthly Twitter postings (you can ask them about the posting frequency most beneficial to your business) about industry news and links to your website and press releases. Your Twitter account will promote your business and name to new customers and increase the flow of visitors to your site. Start using Twitter to improve your search engine ranking and overall brand visibility.

Email Marketing Software Gets Your Message Out

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Email marketing has become the standard in advertisement for advanced businesses. This form of direct marketing depends on electronic mail as a means of delivery. This email includes commercial, business, or fundraising information to a customer or potential customer. The purpose of these emails is to improve the relationship between the business and the customer and enhance loyalty. Email marketing has proven to be very successful and is ranked as the number 2 form of effective online marketing tactic, behind search marketing. News letter templates are a popular form of advertisement that includes upcoming events and the release of new products. These may also include various offers and coupons. Templates are available as a tool to help set up these templates. These templates help customize newsletters and postcards and include the option to personalize the images, fonts, formatting, and include the company logo. Setting up these templates is easy to do and are professionally designed so that your finished product will look polished—all you have to do is insert the text and images.   

 Email marketing software helps you get the positive results you want and increase sales. By including newsletters, interaction and engagement with customers is much easier. Email marketing is powerful because more than half of internet users check and/or send emails every day. There is no denying that email has become the go to method for digital marketers. If you are considering working with email marketing software, there are trial offers that allow a free marketing account for up to 100 subscribers.

Hidden Cameras Are Great For The Home

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Spy cameras are useful in many different situations, whether it be in your business or your home. Spy cameras for home are especially important because that is where you keep all the stuff you value most. Whether it is your kids or your belongings you should be able to see what goes on at your own property while you are not there. For this reason, many people decide to install hidden cameras in their home.

The reason most people choose hidden cameras for their home is that they feel that non hidden cameras are too intrusive around the people they love. However, with modern advances in hidden cameras they are small enough to hide in areas where no one would expect a camera to be such as a clock or a TV. These cameras are also equipped with motion detection so they only turn on when someone is moving around in from of them. For this reason you do not have to record a bunch of empty space. These cameras also store their film digitally so they can be easily watched on a common computer in your spare time.

The hidden cameras wireless, meaning that you can view and operate them from a long distance away. The fact that you don’t have to be in to room to turn the camera on or off makes it much more discreet for you to monitor people in your home without them knowing you are watching. Overall, spy cameras are a great decision to protect your household.