How Cloud Computing Affects the Network Information Technology Infrastructure

In the IT world, Cloud Computing is the dynamic new trend. In a word, Cloud Computing is the future of all business, not just retail. Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings has a few bits of advice for followers to help business owners understand this technology.

Below are 2 big reasons that the cloud is so vital:

It’s flexible. The Cloud allows your company to utilize a dozen servers on Monday and a thousand on Tuesday.

Efficiency rivals flexibility in its importance. Clouds perform like a single massive machine, sharing tasks across huge networks. Essentially, each retail outlet is pooling its computing resources with the others.

“With the resources of thousands of retailers shared across a vast network, you can easily see how versatile and powerful your network instantly becomes,” says Javier Loya.

Examples of Cloud Computing Advantages

In practical application, the sky’s the limit insofar as where you can go using the Cloud. Let’s suppose your store sells hardware. You can design Cloud applications that track sales using filters.

Your computer, with no help from any human, has the ability to track the sales of every product in your store, contacting the supplier of any items it identifies as needing to be re-ordered and reordering those products. It can also retrieve the invoices for these orders, forwarding them to the billing department for payment. It sends alerts to the managers of the appropriate departments, as well as alerts as to the arrival of the products to the proper people in shipping and receiving.

Cloud Computing reduces the number of actual people it takes to get any job done and that cuts your budget, increasing your profit margin. Humans can often make mistakes. They forget to order one-inch sheet metal screws or bathroom caulk. Using the correct Cloud applications though, the entire process becomes almost effortless. Even the purchase order and invoicing are forwarded to the right department.

The benefits of colocation

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Most data centers in-house are getting old and there is a lot of pressure to move assets out of the company. The three most common options are to move to the cloud, a local data center provider, or even a hybrid. Here are some of the core benefits of taking the colocation approach:

Just as cloud hosting services allow customers to move what would normally be capex costs to an operational model, colocation allows companies to do the same with the data center. It is then much easier to increase your operational costs and install more servers at a third-party facility than it is to expand an in-house data center.

Another benefit of colocation is in terms of core competency. Running a proper data center for revenue critical applications takes a team of dedicated and specially trained staff. It is far more efficient and economical to focus on the core competency of the company than it is to maintain the skills and manpower inhouse to keep a data center running.

Colocation is much more than just renting out rack space and related utilities to run a server. Modern data centers offer several related products and services and provide enterprises with a complete data center offering. Expansion, audit services, secure rack spaces, are just few examples of other offerings.

Physical and operational security are two key components of audits that expensive and difficult to maintain. You get both straight away when you colocate. You can expect several layers of physical security at a minimum, and all these will be audited regularly.

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How Colocation Can Free Up Office Space and Resources

Is it becoming less practical to store your website’s server at your office? Many companies opt for in-house web hosting for complete control of their websites’ servers. An in-house setup does give you more control over your server’s hardware and software, in contrast to sharing predetermined resources on a shared server. However, you’ll need to hire employees to maintain your server and dedicate office space to storing it. If you plan to rearrange your office to clear more space, it may be time to move your servers out of the building. If you’d rather spend your time, money, and space on other crucial aspects of your business, you might want to consider looking for a colocation provider.

Colocation is essentially renting space in a data center for your servers. Unlike other web hosting options where your provider will be responsible for your server’s software and hardware, you will provide the server’s software and hardware, which you are free to modify as you please. The data center will provide security, power, cooling, and more bandwidth for your server. The initial startup costs for colocation may be higher than standard and in-house web hosting, but it’s the perfect way to clear some space and free your staff to do other tasks.

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Top Gift Ideas for Your Next Housewarming Party

Now that Christmas is over, some families are thinking about moving into a new home for the new year. What could be more special than moving into a beautiful new place for the new year? It’s exciting and fun to think about having a new larger space to entertain friends and family. In fact, you may know someone who has recently moved or is planning to. Housewarming parties are a wonderful way to welcome your friends and family into your new space and show off luxurious furnishings and decor.

The important thing to remember is to take along a beautiful housewarming gift for the housewarming party. But there are so many choices so how do you decide? Below we’ll give you a few fantastic ideas for housewarming gifts.

Adesso Script Shelf Floor Lamp: Why not bring something sensational to your next housewarming party? This gift will delight the recipient for years to come.

Cuisinart Appliances: Choose of these gorgeous appliances. Cuisinart offers coffee makes, mixers, blenders, toaster ovens and so much more.

Bees Verdigrin Pillow Green: This clever throw pillow will serve as a lovely addition to any couch. It’s only $20 at Curacao.

Orchid Flower With Pot Plastic: Bring elegant beauty to any space with this lovely orchid flower. It will never need water or fertilizing and it’s under $25.

Google Home Mini – Charcoal: These are always a good idea and most people will want one for each room of their home. They’re on sale now at Curacao.

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Office Design: Why Your Office Break Room Should Be a Priority

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Does your office have a break room? It’s important to give employees a place to relax and unwind when they’re not working on their duties. A workplace where everyone works hard with no breaks is a surefire recipe for burnout, poor morale, and decreased productivity. Furthermore, it’s not enough to designate a certain area of your office building as a break room. You should endeavor to create a space that feels different from your usual working area. It should feel rewarding and refreshing to spend time in your office break room.

To accomplish this, you must choose attractive furniture, eye-catching design elements, and comfortable cushions to serve your employee’s needs. This will require some investment and a dedicated budget. Old, saggy, and uncomfortable cushions will need to be exchanged with high-quality replacement cushions. Unattractive furniture can be replaced with more exotic furniture styles such as wicker furniture or natural rattan furniture. You might also want to invest in a ping-pong or foosball table to provide a fun way for employees to destress during their spare time.

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