Add New Tabs to Your Facebook Profile

It’s not easy to get creative or original when designing a Facebook page. This is why developers have created so many apps that allow users to customize their Facebook profile or fan pages. While there are so many services on the market for making Facebook page tabs, there is one new service that stands out from the rest: Static HTML.

Static HTML is a practical Facebook app that allows users to easily add tabs to their Facebook pages. The new app allows all Facebook users — including non-programmers — to create a new tab on any Facebook page.

Registering for the app is a simple three-step process. Once signed in to your Facebook account, go to the Static HTML page. Then you can register by selecting the app you wish to add. Once you’ve selecting Static HTML, you’re free to begin editing your new Facebook page. It’s that easy!

Facebook ‘frenemies’ most likely to hurt kids

According to an international Norton Living Online report, 62 percent of kids between the age of eight to seventeen have had a negative online experience whether it is due to cyber bullying, accessing inappropriate content, providing sensitive personal information or loading computer viruses on their systems.

And the truth is that “peer pressure”, as it always has been, is influencing these kids to flout Facebook age restriction rules and sign up with the most popular social network, unbeknownst to their parents.

And while most 10-year olds want to be as cool as the 18-years olds who are constantly talking about happens on Facebook, this leads to them being more susceptible to cyber bullies or sexual predators in the form of pedophiles as well, according to police and teachers.

Since they don’t understand the impact of sharing important personal information online, despite lying about their ages, they obviously do not have a clue about the dangers and the negative experiences that lie in wait for them, as they go online.

And while it is most distressing that parents aren’t concerned about internet safety, and how it can impact their children, internet safety advocates and child psychologists consider this to be one of the most ‘unaddressed public health issues of our time’.

And so, internet safety can only be enforced by parents, in constantly monitoring the activities of their children when they are online, in heeding the warning of teachers and principals of schools as well as the police, all in the best interests of their children.

Making Your Website Social Media Friendly

The advent of Twitter’s @anywhere service and Facebook’s “like” button, are driving home the point that that social media is crucial for a website’s success. This means that website’s should be, more than ever, social media friendly.

There are a few ways in which this can be achieved.

1. The main page of the website is where users spend most of their time. Take advantage of this and place links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other profiles. If you don’t have any of these for some reason, get them immediately.

2. Have a blog. Don’t worry about having to get a web designer to create one; there are many readymade blogs out there on the web. The main reason for having one is that you can implement an RSS feed. RSS feeds allow syndication of information. Many users subscribe to RSS feeds and in turn distribute the information they find there via links. Incorporate your RSS feed into your website. If you need help creating a professional blog, take a look at iClimber’s blog design services.

3. Turn the blog into a business blog. This needs some work, especially in the form of updates. Having a consistent, daily update will increase your reputation and facilitate more interaction with your visitors. Always reply to any comments that you find there as it will help you form relationships.

4. Reduce the clutter on the site and make it mobile friendly. This does not mean that you have to develop separate pages or develop iPhone apps. Just ensure that it will load up fairly fast on a phone browser.

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