Top Gift Ideas for Your Next Housewarming Party

Now that Christmas is over, some families are thinking about moving into a new home for the new year. What could be more special than moving into a beautiful new place for the new year? It’s exciting and fun to think about having a new larger space to entertain friends and family. In fact, you may know someone who has recently moved or is planning to. Housewarming parties are a wonderful way to welcome your friends and family into your new space and show off luxurious furnishings and decor.

The important thing to remember is to take along a beautiful housewarming gift for the housewarming party. But there are so many choices so how do you decide? Below we’ll give you a few fantastic ideas for housewarming gifts.

Adesso Script Shelf Floor Lamp: Why not bring something sensational to your next housewarming party? This gift will delight the recipient for years to come.

Cuisinart Appliances: Choose of these gorgeous appliances. Cuisinart offers coffee makes, mixers, blenders, toaster ovens and so much more.

Bees Verdigrin Pillow Green: This clever throw pillow will serve as a lovely addition to any couch. It’s only $20 at Curacao.

Orchid Flower With Pot Plastic: Bring elegant beauty to any space with this lovely orchid flower. It will never need water or fertilizing and it’s under $25.

Google Home Mini – Charcoal: These are always a good idea and most people will want one for each room of their home. They’re on sale now at Curacao.

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