20 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites were all the rage recently, with every single article, blog post and web page out there being bookmarked. Users bookmark sites to contribute to the social fabric of the internet and to keep a proper list of sites and pages that they have visited and liked, while webmasters have been bookmarking their own pages for traffic and for the inherent value that comes from the link to the page from the social bookmarking site.
social bookmarking sites

For those of you are new to the world of search engine optimization, dofollow links are those which carry google’s pagerank and authority from one site to another. It is also well known that google gives a much higher weighting to links coming from social media sites and so a dofollow link from a social site carries a lot of benefits.

Once the top social bookmarking sites realized that webmasters were gaming their sites for better rankings on google, most converted their links to nofollow, removing and pagerank and link authority benefits from those links. Fortunately there are still many social bookmarking sites out there that have dofollow and have every intention remaining so. Here are the best twenty that I have found so far and I will add more as and when I find them.

This list is in order of pagerank, which you will within the brackets after the name of the site.
1. Folkd [V] (7)
2. Oneview (German) (7)
3. Spurl (6)
4. Feedmarker (6)
5. LinkaGoGo (5)
6. SpotBack (5)
7. Connectedy (5)
8. Blinklist [V] (5)
9. MyLinkVault (4)
10. A1 Webmarks (4)
11. OYAX (4)
12. Pixelmo [V] (4)
13. TeDigo (2)
14. MyPIP (3)
15. SyncOne (3)
16. Yattle (3)
17. Memfrag (3)
18. Ziki [V] (1)
19. i89 (0)
20. Chipmark (0)

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Using Social Media for Ideas to Making Money

People are social animals. Have you not seen them on their cell phones walking on the street or driving in their cars? You can cash in on this human desire to be in social contact with people at all times. Start a dating service website. There are some out there already, but it is an industry that has room for more competitors, especially in the realm of social media. It will be your job to match them up according to what they have in common. You need to charge for advertising on the website and for people to pay a fee to be processed for dates. It is a sure moneymaker.

In a similar vein, a website that groups people together according to their interests is a real possibility. When you get advertising on this site and charge a fee you will begin to feel like a real entrepreneur. Once categorized according to their first, second and third choices of interests, you can proceed. It might be wise to begin with organizing tours by interest. For example, for the outdoors type, a whitewater rafting outing would be good. Assistants to go out and organize the trips are needed, this is why a membership charge is needed along with as many advertisers to your site as possible.

Something as simple as organizing square dances or modern dances at a set venue would be a successful venture on your part. When you go out and meet the clients at various times they will have no shortage of suggestions. You can feed on these ideas. Once digested the clients’ ideas can be incorporated into your social media website, widening your areas of interest and hence your base of clients. Anything associated with social media is a growing industry with no decline in growth and revenue for the foreseeable future.